XDot DAPLink Interface

Collection of articles for working with Multitech devices in LoRaWAN networks.

XDot DAPLink Interface

The XDot development kit has a DAPLink interface firmware which enables developers with drag-and-drop programming, a serial port, and CMSIS-DAP based debugging.

Get the latest XDot DAPLink interface firmware here

Note: DAPLink release v0254 does no work with XDot.

Programming the interface chip

Steps for programming the Kinetis MK20DX128 DAPLink interface chip:

  1. Hold RESET on XDot DK while attaching USB
  2. Copy new interface firmware file to the MAINTENANCE drive
  3. Open DETAILS.TXT on the XDot drive
  4. Verify Interface Version is the new version

Configure for auto-reset

By default the XDot will require a manual reset after programming. With auto-reset enabled the XDot will reset after programming automatically.

Steps for enabling auto-reset:

  1. Create an empty file names auto_rst.cfg
  2. Hold RESET on the XDot DK
  3. Drop auto_rst.cfg into the XDot drive
  4. Release RESET
  5. Open DETAILS.TXT on the XDot drive
  6. Verify Auto Reset: 1

For more information on DAPLink configuration options see MSD_COMMANDS.

Using with pyOCD

PyOCD can be used for XDot programming and debugging.

Use this command to flash new firmware to an XDot:

pyocd flash -M under-reset -e sector <xdot-firmware>